Activity companies

In southern Årefjällen and the rest of Åre there is an abundance of activities and event companies to enrich your Trille stay. Not that we think you’ll be bored here, but more to make your visit here in Trillevallen even more memorable. Below we list a few to help get the creative activity part of the brain started…

Have fun!


Åre Nature Adventure

A complete activity company that is active throughout western Jämtland, all year round.

Camp Åre

Another complete and reputable activity company that is active throughout western Jämtland, all year round. Here you can found everything from snowmobile safaris to large corporate events.

JoPe Fors och Fjäll

JoPe Fors och Fjäll has supplied experiences and adventures since 1989 in Åre and in the summer specializes in water activities. In the summer they organize white water rafting, kayaking courses, rock climbing, cave tours, school trips, river boarding, mountain tours and research guide training. In the wintertime they organize ice climbing, caving, snowshoe hiking, mountain tours, heliskiing, ski mountaineering, ski touring, cross country skiing, igloo camping, etc.

ATI Mountain Experience

Looking for a unique experience that stays with you but gives the opportunity for future generations to experience the same? You’ve come to the right place! With knowledge and feeling, we help you to experience moments in the mountains that leave traces in the body and mind – and only there!

ATI Mountain Experience / Mountain Kayak centre offer high quality eco-tourism with nature experiences and adventures, for groups and individuals.
Torkel and Annica’s motto is: Each day matters!

Wild Spirit Bushcraft

Join Richard, Claire and their team on an unforgettable dog sledding tour on the mountain. They can also offer courses in Buschcraft for those who want to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Dog sledding tours and courses for both beginners and the more experienced.