Trillevallen’s Fjälls hotel restaurant

Every evening in the restaurant at Trillevallen a well prepared dinner is served for the guests of the hotel and external guests may reserve tables subject to availability. A play room for the kids is located adjacent to the restaurant. On the menu you will often find dishes with local ingredients from Jämtland and an exquisite wine list to complement the food. You are more than welcome to book a table for dinner if you are staying in a flat, chalet or in the caravan park. At breakfast you will find a buffet laid out with numerous local specialties. One floor down is the bar with refreshing drinks and an area where you can lounge around and spend your evening.



At Trillevallen from 7.30 am you will be served a healthy breakfast fit for a skier. If you are not a resident at the hotel then you may order breakfast but you must do so through the reception before 4.00 pm the day before.

145 SEK:-/person



2-course dinner

In the hotel’s restaurant you can enjoy a 2-course dinner. For the younger diner we have a kids menu. If you wish you may settle for only one course. If you prefer a 3-course dinner then a dessert can be ordered at the table. If you are not a resident at the hotel then you are welcome to order dinner but you must do so through the reception the day before. Tel: +46 647 360 90

2-courses 395 SEK:-



Wine package

When you dine with us you can order our wine package that is just right for the dinner and changes according to what is served, this is presented to you on the evening you are dining. Included in the price is two glasses of wine and a glass of dessert wine.

295 SEK:-/person

Nonalcoholic alternative; Aperitif and one glass of white or red wine. 120 SEK:-/person