Trillevallen ski resort’s measures to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19

What we do for the safety of guests and employees

• We follow guidelines and general advice from the Swedish Public Health Agency. Our employees regularly receive current information about Covid-19.

• We urge our employees and guests to stay in their room or at home in case of signs of a cold and contact the health care at 1177.


• We have introduced a digital queuing system for lift pass sales. 

  1. Download the app “Q-cloud” and search for “Trillevallen”. 
  2. Select “Liftkortskassan”. 
  3. Your place in the que is displayed in your phone or on a screen at the checkout. 

If you do not have a smartphone, there is a manual queuing desk inside the restaurant upstairs.


• Keep a distance from others, at least one pole length. 

• The chairlift: 1-4 people in each company, alternatively two people on each side.

• Surface lift: 1-2 people per company or a single skier.


• Fewer seats to reduce the number of people in the room, remember to clean the table when you leave according to the instructions. If all tables are occupied, please come back a bit later. Make room for others as soon as you are done if there are many skiers in the area. 

• Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance.

• We have strengthened our routines for cleaning, which means, among other things, that we carry out regular disinfection of the toilets.


• we have introduced a queuing system, one person per company goes into the store and stands in the queue, then you wait outside for your turn.

• Hand sanitizer is available at the checkout.

• Strengthens routines for cleaning and regular disinfection of exposed surfaces.

• We recommend everyone to pre-book equipment via email: [email protected] or phone: 0647-360 66

• The ski school have spread out their gathering spots, accept smaller groups, adapts activities to keep distance.


• We have reduced the number of tables and chairs so that there is at least one meter between the tables / companies. On days when many guests are expected, there will be an entrance host.

• Guests are asked to find a free seat, a maximum of one party per table, however, a maximum of eight people.

• Stand in a digital queue for ordering of coffee / food / drinks. 

1. Download the app “Q-cloud”

2. Search for Trillevallen and select “backrestaurang Ripan”

3. Your place in the que is displayed in your phone or on a screen at the checkout.

If you do not have a smartphone, there is a manual queuing desk inside the restaurant. 

• Hand sanitizer is available in the room.

• One or a maximum of two per company picks up the food at the drop-off point.

• On the way out, you as a guest take your tray with you and place it in the tray trolley. Remember to keep your distance from others!

• There are five toilets, one of which is adapted for the disabled and equipped with a changing table. Maximum one person in line for each toilet. 

What you as a guest can do to reduce the spread of Covid-19

• Stay home if you feel signs of a cold or contact the health care at 1177

• Keep your distance from others around you!

• Wash your hands carefully with soap and warm water or a hand sanitizer.

• Cough and sneeze in your armpit.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

*This information is valid until otherwise stated and can be updated at a later time